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Consultants for the construction industry. Expect excellent strategic and economic advice. Quantity Surveyors & Project Managers Request a call

Who Are We

We are a Construction Consultancy based in London, England. Quantity Surveying and Project Management services are the foundations of our business.

We have a vast knowledge of cost management techniques and active project management that has been proven to be successful over a number of high-value projects. Our active approach to projects results in the client’s financial protection and a completed project that represents value for money without compromising on quality.

Our team is made up of experienced and dynamic industry professionals that its core focus, is to protect our clients and achieve successful project completion.

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Our Expertise

In addition to Quantity Surveying, Project Management, and Contract Administration. We also provide several key elements that are fundamental to successful project completion. These are items such as; project programs, project schedules, cash flow worksheets, and advance order schedules.

Our Mission

To put our clients and their needs first, at all times. We strive to achieve the highest levels of service and take pride in providing a successful completion. No matter what the challenge, our goal is clear, success means staying within the allocated time frame and keeping within budget.

BWC Consultants fully understand that our clients and investors need to accurately and stringently police their projects to close off any risks that may occur during the project. We take time to figure out what our client is looking for in a successful project and we tailor our services to match the ambitions of our clients.

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How Can We Help You?

Each Client is individual and so is our level of service. Below are a few types of Client categories that may assist you in identifying how we may be able to assist:

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Project Management


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