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BWC Consultants is a boutique firm of experienced construction professionals. Over the years, we have established ourselves by delivering value to our clients and advising and assisting to facilitate their projects and requirements. We employ a proactive approach to overcoming challenges, which is led by experienced and unique target-driven strategies.

Our team is made up of experienced and dynamic industry professionals that are the main focus, is to protect our clients and achieve successful project completion.

Our aim has also been to provide our clients with high quality comprehensive and personalised Quantity Surveying, Estimating, and Tendering services throughout the UK. The professional services we provide ensure value for money and unrivaled dedication ensuring each project is managed effectively in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Mr. Eddie Demirci – Director

18years ago, Eddie (Director of BWC construction consultants) initially began his career in Quantity surveying. Prior to this, many years were spent working on-site, closely with his father where he gained expert knowledge learning to foresee potential issues from arising. Being the 3rd generation of builder/developers, Eddie has an expert skillset to consult contractors, developers, and residential clients when making formal decisions that could impact the time, cost, and quality of a project.

“Everyone has a budget and what we have seen time & time again is the costings for a project spiral out of control due to not having a consultant overlooking a project and protecting your interests.”

Mr. Bekson Demirci – Surveyor

Bekson has worked within the building industry for the past 14 years. In doing so, the ‘hands-on’ approach & experience gained has been mighty rewarding. From an academic perspective, certificates have been attained in bricklaying, plumbing, heating & gas (Gas safe register) electrical, and most of all Building surveying at the University level. The approach he decided to take early on has enabled him to not only understand the entire building process but takes into consideration from a builders perspective to what works can actually be done in a reasonable time frame working at the highest levels and achievable completion within an allocated budget. The main areas of consulting contractors and clients have been from the Mechanical & Electrical design to manage all Health & Safety related issues.

“Getting the project completed is important. But getting it completed within the allocated timeframe and safely is the true achievement.”

Mr. Huseyin Mehmet – Quantity Surveyor

Having worked on a number of high-value construction projects for over a decade. Huseyin is a highly motivated and experienced Quantity Survey. Huseyin’s main area of expertise is M&E Surveying and the NEC3 Construct Contact. Huseyin has successfully represented multi-national construction companies such as Mace and also been a client advisor to a number of high-level developers and Architects.

“I like to specialise in one area within the industry and focus on knowing every element to do with that chosen field.”

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